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Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd Experience

For over 20 years, Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd has been making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world.

Our experience is built on long-term partnerships with organisations around the globe, giving us a comprehensive understanding of the needs both of healthcare professionals and end users.

At the same time, our commitment to continuous improvement and investment in the business has given us robust, up-to-date processes in terms of quality, supply chain, warehousing and distribution.

United Kingdom

Our understanding of the UK pharmaceuticals market has led to the development of Morningside MHRA licensed generic medicines with a growing number of formulations available in the UK.

We are a regular contractor to NHS hospitals, with twice-daily deliveries to ensure that our products are available as patients need them.

We continue to work with wholesalers and pharmacy chains in the United Kingdom supplying both niche and high-volume licensed medicines.  We also manufacture for own label supply.


Since 1991 our focus has been on improving the quality, affordability and accessibility of healthcare in developing nations. The portfolio of countries we supply to now circles the globe, with Morningside Pharmaceuticals recognised in over 80 countries.

We pride ourselves on fulfilling all of our customers’ requirements however big or small, with tailored solutions based on local market demand and fast, responsive international logistics.


Our supply of medicines and medical products to assist international aid relief efforts has grown hugely since the 1990s following a successful trade mission to demonstrate our expertise to the United Nations in New York.

Since then, we have worked with the world’s foremost UN agencies, charities and NGOs to supply aid solutions for relief projects around the world.

We have developed a wealth of experience and knowledge leading to on-going long-term agreements (LTAs) for key pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as our ability to respond quickly to urgent requirements and ensure that our products reach the destination as securely and quickly as possible.

Our work with charities to develop health kits specific to a certain population or medical emergency has also been of huge benefit in developing nations.

Warehousing and Logistics

In 2004, we moved to our extensive premises in Loughborough, offering integrated office and warehousing.  This location was chosen for its position as the geographical centre of the United Kingdom and its proximity to East Midlands Airport and the M1 motorway.

We purchased a second warehouse adjacent to our headquarters in 2007, giving us greater flexibility in storage and stock control.  As a result, we have a fast, flexible logistics network to help us deliver solutions wherever they are needed.


Quality matters, and Morningside has built long-term trust with our customers by ensuring that our products meet internationally recognised standards.

We are committed to product registration and use our UK expertise to register in other countries.  Our local agents and distributors are chosen for their capabilities in understanding their markets to support this strategy.

Since our move to Loughborough, we have successfully been accredited with two ISO standards as well as our MHRA licences covering manufacturing (GMP) and distribution (GDP). The full list of our accreditations is available here.


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