Generic Medicines for International Markets

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Morningside Pharmaceuticals supplies affordable generic medicines around the world.

Our range includes tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, drops, syrups and suspensions, all presented in a variety of appealing pack sizes and allows customers to receive a variety of different affordable quality generic medicines in one consignment.

All products and manufacturing facilities comply with current Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) standards laid down by World Health Organisation (WHO).

With strong technical knowhow and understanding of regulatory practices, we strive to achieve country-by-country registration for all products and have built close relationships with Ministries of Health to ensure rapid completion of registrations.  This strategy has given us great credibility and stood us apart from many of our competitors.

Morningside generic drugs are already registered in many international markets.

All of our Morningside generic medicines can be supplied as part of a comprehensive medical solution alongside our medical devices, diagnostic equipment, health kits and hospital consumables.

We appreciate that correct documentation is a must for the international supply of pharmaceutical products.  Our dedicated Supply and Customer Service teams ensure that we meet each customer’s documentation requirements prior to proceeding with the order.


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