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The correct licensing of pharmaceuticals and medical devices is a legal requirement for bringing products to market in the UK and EU.

Increasingly, many other countries also require the registration of pharmaceutical and medical devices with their local regulatory bodies before importation.

Morningside Pharmaceuticals is committed to fulfilling all regulatory requirements by registering our products as required in the markets where we operate.  We aim to be one of the first companies to do so.

UK Registration

All of our medicines for the UK market are registered with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA).

This is supported by a wide range of accreditations relating to GMP, GDP and other quality systems.  Our full list of accreditations can be found here.

International Registration

Morningside recognised the value of registrations long before developing nations first imposed them and, as a result, our registration dossiers were submitted and processed well ahead of many other pharmaceutical suppliers.

Achieving registrations can be a complicated process and each country has its own requirements.   Our adherence to UK and EU standards mean that we are well-equipped to meet requirements for international markets. Our regulatory team has the knowledge and expertise to compile registration dossiers for pharmaceuticals and medical devices for many countries around the world.

We work closely with National Competent Authorities in order to collate the appropriate documentation and samples and we combine first-hand knowledge with our own regulatory team to achieve the speedy process of each dossier.

When full product registration is not required, we can supply internationally recognised, WHO format Certificates of Pharmaceutical Product (COPP) and other similar documents which may be required for importation.

We strive to work with likeminded partners who are attuned to local regulatory requirements, to assist the speedy completion of registrations.

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