£85K of Cancer Drugs Donated to Gaza Hospital

Morningside Pharmaceuticals made an £85k medicines.

Morningside Pharmaceuticals has donated medicines worth £85,000 to help treat cancer patients in a Palestinian hospital.

The business donated 3,000 packs of Oncology drug Capecitabine tablets to charity International Health Partners (IHP), which in turn will distribute the medicine via a charitable NGO to the hospital in the Gaza Strip.

The medicine, which can be prescribed as part of a patient’s chemotherapy treatment, is being provided to the Shifa Hospital, which is the only hospital in the territory able to receive cancer medicine because it has an Oncology Unit.

Hannah Dean, Partnership and Programmes Officer for IHP, which specialises in supporting healthcare companies with donating medicines, said: “IHP is delighted to be partnering with Morningside Pharmaceuticals to coordinate the delivery of essential, high quality medicines to the most vulnerable people in the world, such as those in the Gaza strip.

“I have recently returned from visiting this programme in Gaza and know that this generous donation will really benefit a lot of cancer patients currently struggling to access essential medicines there. This donation of vital oncology medicine will mean that cancer patients can access the treatment they need free of charge.”

Shifa Hospital provides almost 70% of the public medical services in Gaza in peacetime and almost 90% of the emergency medical services during war and in times of unrest. It is the largest public hospital out of a total of 14 hospitals in the Gaza Strip and serves 100,000s of patients every year, including almost 300,000 outpatients and about 50,000 inpatients.

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE, Chief Executive of Morningside Pharmaceuticals, said: “According to the Lancet, cancer is the second-leading cause of death in the Palestinian territories, accounting for 14% of deaths, which is predicted to increase.

“Morningside Pharmaceuticals is proud to have distributed quality medicine to more than 100 countries world-wide over the past 28 years, many of which are low/middle income countries. We are delighted to have been able to make this significant donation, which we hope will help treat and save hundreds of patients.”

Morningside Pharmaceuticals is a medicine manufacturer and supplier to NHS hospitals and pharmacies in the UK. Globally the business is one of the leading medical suppliersto aid agencies, charities and NGOs – including UNICEF, the Red Cross and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

IHP is a registered charity which specialises in helping healthcare companies in Europe donate to healthcare professionals, charities and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), which in turn use them to give those in vulnerable and disaster-hit communities access to quality medicines.

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