Covid-19 Update: Supporting Patient Care

Morningside Pharmaceuticals supplies NHS hospitals.

As a key manufacturer and distributor of medicines to the NHS, pharmacies and doctors, Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd’s has taken the necessary steps during the Covid-19 pandemic to minimise disruption to supply.

We would like to say a big thank you to all of our employees who have worked tirelessly throughout the lockdown to ensure the NHS and patients received the medicines they needed.

This involved a huge team effort from Morningside’s employees who have done an amazing job, under very challenging circumstances, to ensure orders and our obligations to supporting patient care were met.

The Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals sectors in the UK have also played an essential role by working with the Government to do all we can to help support their work in easing the crisis.

As a key supplier of essential medicines to the NHS, doctors and pharmacies Morningside Pharmaceuticals Ltd has worked in partnership with our industry and central government bodies to ensure the supply of high quality drugs continue to reach those who need them most.

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