Cricket Club Bowled over by Partnership

Leicestershire County Cricket Club (LCCC) partnership with Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Leicestershire County Cricket Club’s medical centre will continue to be at the forefront of sports science and medicine after renewing the naming rights with Morningside Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to the creation of the Morningside Medical Centre at the Fischer County Ground, Grace Road, players and visitors were treated offsite for injuries or if they fell ill, which put added pressure on the club and emergency services when treatment was urgently needed.

Since Morningside Pharmaceuticals’ sponsorship began in 2016, LCCC has continued to make advancements in sports science and medicine. This has enabled the club to remain at the forefront of using innovative new technology and systems to ensure players, staff and the local community’s health and wellbeing are given the best support possible.

One player to have benefited from the state-of-the-art medical facilities is Club Captain, Paul Horton, who said: “As a player it’s crucial we have the facilities onsite to treat and rehabilitate us, as we need to stay on the field as much as possible.

“The cricket season is demanding and can take its toll on the players’ bodies. Crucially we need to keep as many players fit and fresh as possible, in order to compete, as injuries can have a real impact on our chances of success.”

According to LCCC’s Head of Sports Science and Medicine, Will Garvey, the medical centre has enabled the club to deliver improvements in the physical development of young cricketers and the rehabilitation of the professionals.

Mr Garvey said: “Morningside Pharmaceuticals’ continued support over recent years has enabled us to develop the facilities and equipment allowing the Sport Science and Medicine (SS&M) Team to deliver high standards of care for the first team, our academy and supporters.

“These high-quality onsite facilities have enabled us to progress the rehabilitation of our injured athletes by increasing the access we have to a usable and functional training environment. Furthermore, this ability to access the onsite facilities allows our SS&M Team to deliver individualised treatments at any time and enables our players to consistently train all year round.”

For Dr Nik Kotecha OBE, Chief Executive of Morningside Pharmaceuticals and an active member of the club, the medical centre aligns well with his company’s values.

Dr Kotecha said: “Morningside Pharmaceuticals has been built upon the mission of making quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world.

“For this reason we’re a passionate supporter of a wide range of good causes connected to community, education, health and sport. We’re also committed to working with communities to bring them together and improving the quality of life of the people living there.”

LCCC Chief Executive Karen Rothery added: “We are delighted to extend our long-standing partnership with Morningside Pharmaceuticals.

“We pride ourselves on player and community care, the continued support of Dr Kotecha and his team will allow us to do that. The continued collaboration will ensure players maintain access to state-of-the-art equipment to examine injuries, improve player welfare and career longevity.”

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