Disney Inspires our Red Nose Day

Comic Relief at Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Red Nose Day fever has come to Morningside, with colleagues embracing a Disney theme to raise money for charity.

Colleagues took inspiration from a whole host of movies and shows, from Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story, to High School Musical and Star Wars.

We had a White Queen, Cheshire Cat, Tweedledum & Tweedledee, A Mad Hatter, a March Hare, a Queen of Hearts and even a Chewbacca.

Everyone who took part made a donation to charity. Colleagues also made further donations to participate in a charity quiz and a sweepstake to guess celebrity Katheryn Ryan’s favourite cupcake.

In total Morningside’s colleagues raised a fantastic £171 for Comic Relief!

At Morningside our mission is to ‘make quality healthcare an affordable and accessible reality throughout the world’. So Comic Relief is a particularly special charity for us because all donations support vulnerable people and communities in the UK and internationally.

Comic Relief’s vision is to create a world free from poverty and they are achieving this by funding amazing organisations, doing amazing things.

Some of the core issues Comic Relief helps with include:

  • Helping people find a safe place to live
  • Supporting children to survive and thrive
  • Working towards gender justice
  • Funding for global mental health
  • Treating and preventing Malaria
  • Tackling UK poverty
  • HIV testing and support
  • Supporting ‘Sport for Change’ in the UK and Ireland

For more information on Comic Relief and to make a donation directly, visit here.

Comic Relief at Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Comic Relief at Morningside Pharmaceuticals

Comic Relief at Morningside Pharmaceuticals

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