Dr Nik Makes the Power List 2021

Medicine Maker Power List 2021

We’re delighted to reveal that our Chairman, Dr Nik Kotecha OBE, has been named as one of 60 international leaders and innovators across the pharma industry to feature in the Power List 2021.

The list, compiled by The Medicine Maker magazine, celebrates the success stories of the best and brightest individuals in three distinct categories including Small Molecules, Biopharmaceuticals and Advanced Medicine. Dr Kotecha is honoured to be amongst the 20 leaders and innovators in the Small Molecules category.

To View the full Power List 2021 visit here.   

Readers of The Medicine Maker were invited to submit nominations for the Power List and the final list was compiled with the help of an anonymous judging panel.

Setting the scene for the 2021 Power List, the magazine said that the pharma industry has faced enormous challenges over the last 12 months as it strives to develop new vaccines and treatments to help the world find a way out of the pandemic.

Everyday life has changed drastically, but scientists and leaders in the pharma industry have demonstrated enormous dedication and resources to the fight – despite the uncertainty.

Now in 2021, the pandemic is not over – and won’t be for some time – but there are reasons to feel optimistic. Effective vaccines have been approved by many regulators for emergency use, existing drugs are being repurposed to help patients with severe COVID-19, and new drug development is vibrant. Small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, and even cell therapies are all being explored as potential medicines to combat COVID-19. The industry has genuinely outdone itself. And, alongside interventions against COVID-19, work continues tirelessly to address other crucial therapeutic areas.

Editor of The Medicine Maker, Stephanie Sutton, explains, “It has been remarkable to see the progress the pharma industry has made over the last 12 months. Companies have stepped up to the challenge and delivered; new vaccines typically take around a decade to reach the market, but COVID-19 vaccines have gone from discovery to real-world use in less than a year. Many individuals on our Power List have contributed to the fight against the pandemic, but everyone on the list – whether they are involved in COVID-19 vaccine and drug development or not – is playing a key role in moving us all towards a healthier world, from developing ground-breaking new treatments to devising new manufacturing strategies”.

Dr Kotecha added: “It’s a real honour to be included in the Power List 2021 , which has this year recognised 60 international leaders and innovators in the pharma industry.

“I’m truly humbled to feature alongside the best and brightest individuals working in Small Molecules, Biopharmaceuticals and Advanced Medicine.”

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