Health & Wellbeing Week at Morningside

Health and Wellbeing Week at Morningside Pharmaceuticals

The wellbeing of our employees is a top priority at Morningside, which is why we set a series of challenges for colleagues throughout our Health & Wellbeing Week!

First off was our Steps Challenge where all teams were encouraged to keep active throughout the week. To add a bit of a competitive edge to the challenge, we asked all team members to record the number of steps they achieved, with the winning team getting the most on average over the 5 day sprint.

But at Morningside, we recognise that good mental health is as important as physical health, so we also challenged colleagues to take part in Wellbeing Bingo.

The week long bingo game set all colleagues a series of tasks, which included taking a little time away from their work to relax, unwind, be social and most of all have fun! Tasks included recording small wins like getting through their to-do lists, to more physical challenges like planking and riding a bike to work.

For many the week was also an excuse to eat a little healthier, have picnics with their teams and to generally get to know other colleagues a little better.

Well done Team Morningside!

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